Knight of the Crescent Moon by L.E. Towne

3.5 out of 5 stars (3.5 / 5)

Tam Paradiso is a Philadelphia PD homicide detective by day, covert monster hunter by night. She has had the ability to see creatures the rest of us think are mythical since she was a teenager. For the past decade or so, she has fought these battles alone, assuming she was the only one who could see the hostiles, as they are called. That was until she met Marlowe. Christopher Marlowe, to be precise. Yes, that one.

How did Tam meet Marlowe, you ask? In addition to being a struggling playwright in his own time, Mr. Marlowe is also a hunter of evil beasts. His monsters aren’t the stay-at-home types, though—he has to travel through time to find them. Some months, on one of the nights of the waxing moon, Marlowe is involuntarily swept through time by a vortex of blue lightning to an undetermined place and time, where he has until the moon is full to identify and kill the neighborhood hostile. When Marlowe ends up in Philly, circa 2019 however, he finds much more than your typical otherworldly fiend in need of dispatching. He finds love.

This is author L. E. Towne’s first novel, which shows in her occasionally loose writing. However, the plot is intriguing and creative and shows great promise for the series. On the character side of things, Marlowe is gallant and brave, intelligent and handsome—everything a girl who ever dreamed of being a princess could want in her knight. And Tam’s independent, modern-day ways complement Marlowe’s sixteenth-century chivalry nicely. Considering this is only Book One of the Chronicles, it will not be spoiling anything significant to tell you that Marlowe leaves Tam way before either of them are ready to say goodbye. Their chemistry is enchanting enough to make you hope they will find their way back to each other very soon.

3.75-Stars for Knight of the Crescent Moon by L.E. Towne